Sir Guy Shirts
  This Sir Guy shirt maybe the only one of its kind!
  Sir  Guy  
1950's  Sir Guy.  Another  sharp collectible!.
Sir  Guy  Museum
Sir  Guy  Museum
Early 1950's rayon green on green Sir Guy.  Absolutely gorgeous!
             SFV shirt of choice.  Purple plaid Sir Guy
 Long sleeve, horizontal button hole, cufflink cuffs Sir Guy
Extremely rare hipster self belt furry rayon Sir Guy.   Priceless!
Wow!  This Sir Guy really makes a statement
            This very rare Sir Guy is # 1 of two made                  
Speaking of rare!  How about a vintage Sir Guy pullover
This very attractive Sir Guy was recently found in the U.K. 
Cool red plaid Sir Guy with "fuzzy" grey stripes 
Eye-catching Sir Guy with horizontal button holes
Another sweet looking Sir Guy recently found retired in the city by                                   the sea - Thank you San Diego!
This bad boy Sir Guy just moved to NV from LA to retire with his museum buddies
Unusual yellow "eyelash" Sir Guy
Sir Guy  was known for fantastic fabrics, this is a perfect example.
                                Retired from L.A. this year
Cozy, warm and winterweight Sir Guy
100% Pure wool rockin' red Sir Guy
Sir Guy goes tropical!
Warm summer night for a cool Sir Guy in SFV
CFit for the "King".  Rare Elvis rockabilly Sir Guy stage shirt

In the 50's and early 60's there was a shirt that was popular with the Low riders. The shirt was particularly popular in the Los Angeles area of southern California.  I can assure you that it was the shirt of choice in the San Fernando Valley.  If you owned this shirt, you were a cool dude, to say the least.  If you were one of those cool dudes you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you were fortunate enough to own one of these shirts you will never forget the statement that wearing one made.  That statement was I am cool and I am bad.  The fact is, most of us cool dudes would love to hop on a timemachine and go back to the days of Sir Guy.

It is my pleasure to bring you a piece of history and a part of our youth back into your lives.  A trip down memory lane and a blast from the past! Introducing the all new Sir Guy collection.  The  new Sir Guy has all the features you love and remember: the top button loop, pearlized shank buttons, and the super cool Sir Guy buttonhole slit pocket.  We also utilize fabrics that set these shirts apart from any other shirt on the market.  The all new Sir Guy shirts have the same exact styling as the originals.

We are very proud to state that all Sir Guy shirts are made in the U.S.A.

Under new ownership.        
Watch for new Sir Guy Shirts from Greenspans .